The submarine AE2


Dr Stephen Gapps is a Curator at the Australian National Maritime Museum. In 2014 he developed the exhibition War at Sea – The Navy in WWI. He was previously responsible for the collection areas of Environment and Industry and is currently involved in the development of the museum’s soon to be opened Warships Pavilion.

Stephen has a long-standing interest in public history. His PhD thesis was a history of historical reenactments and public commemorations of the past.

Stephen is an historian whose work has been published widely. In 2011 he won the NSW Premiers History Prize for Regional and Community history with his book Cabrogal to Fairfield – A history of a multicultural community. Stephen has current research interests in early colonial Australian military history and is working on a project about Indonesian and Australian connections during the Indonesian struggle for independence 1945-1949.

Dr Nigel Erskine is Head of Research at the Australian National Maritime Museum. As a maritime archaeologist, he has worked extensively in the South Pacific and was Director of the Norfolk Island Museum 2000 – 2003. His PhD focused on the foundation of the mutineer settlement at Pitcairn Island, and his areas of historical interest include Pacific exploration, cultural contact and European settlement in Australia. As a curator, he has developed several major exhibitions, including ones on Charles Darwin; Australia’s colonial links with India; and the quest for longitude. Nigel is a strong advocate for international collaboration and is currently working on projects in Turkey, Indonesia, the United States and Japan.